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About Our Owner

Speake Software is headed by Tom Speake, a member of the Technology Council of the Greater Valley Chamber Of Commerce who has a broad knowledge of many industries. Through his experience as a consultant and software instructor, Tom has worked in the worlds of:

  • Banking
  • Electronics
  • Aviation
  • Government
  • Law
  • Public Speaking
  • Education
  • International Business
  • Engineering
  • Military

Tom's Background

While Tom Speake is known as the owner and operator of Speake Software, his original passion has always been teaching. He's taught around the world, providing an invaluable perspective to both public speaking and the Microsoft Office suite. His audiences have included internal personnel, business partners, and end users across five continents. When he was nearing completion of the Air Force's Flight Simulator Maintenance course, Tom was asked to be an instructor for that as well. He completed the USAF's intensive nine-week instructor training course and spent the rest of his four-year hitch as an instructor at Chanute AFB in Central Illinois.

After Tom was honorably discharged, he began teaching electronic technician courses for RCA Institutes and RETS Electronic School. During this time, Digital Equipment Corporation found Tom and decided to hire him to teach computer hardware courses at their corporate headquarters in Maynard, Massachusetts. Since then, Tom Speake has worn many hats, such as:

Typing on Laptop
  • Instructor
  • Technical Writer
  • Software Engineer
  • Computer System Manager
  • Strategic Planning Manager
  • Technical Marketing Consultant

Teaching Philosophy

One of the most important qualities of an instructor is the ability to make new things seem familiar and familiar things seem new. When you need help navigating the forest of code and menus to maximize your performance, you want a guide who will make it as easy as possible. Let Speake Software assist you in understanding programs at a deeper level.